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Speeding ticket fines, traffic violations, laws, information, help. Legal cost, court date, moving violations and more...
Fight Your Traffic Ticket, protect yourself from higher insurance, points on your drivers license and a bad driving record. Connect yourself to advice on how to beat your ticket. Strategies to defend yourself. .....

Includes Tips - Techniques - Strategies - Insider Secrets - And More!
How To Legally Beat A
Speeding Ticket Today!

The Newly Revised Information Packed "Ticket-Busting" Guide-Book
This Ticket-Busting guide is a "Must-Have" for anyone who drives!

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So You Got A Traffic Ticket For Speeding! Doing 55mph In A 15mph Zone?

Well, you can join the elite group of more than 34 million people who receive a ticket each year from a police officer. With the vast variety of law enforcement officials who can give out these papers of doom, it is understandable that you to could get caught up in a simple oversight or mistake. But the question you probably want to ask now is what could you have done to prevent this from happening in the first place and what can you do now to get out of this mess!

Getting a ticket can become your worst nightmare, but...
The odds are not against you when fighting your ticket.
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EVERYTHING you will need to beat your speeding ticket. This Popular-selling guide book is simple to use and easy to follow. Learn how to beat any speeding or traffic ticket. Exposes secrets that the cops, courts, and insurance companies don't want people to know. Pay No Fine and Beat Your Speeding Ticket!

Traffic ticket tips, tricks & techniques that anyone can easily use to fight unfair traffic tickets, how to prevent getting future speeding tickets, save money on traffic ticket fines, keep a clean driving record and more. Valid in ALL FIFTY STATES & CANADA. Understand that this book is intended to help you to avoid a ticket to begin with and assist you in "beating the rap" as they say.

Studies have shown that most traffic infractions are successfully prosecuted but what they don't tell you is that as many as 95% of all citations are not even contested in court and that when they are contested by people just like you and me, most are dismissed. In those cases that are not dismissed, the court often takes consideration of your driving record, i.e. this being your first ticket or the offense being trivial in nature to begin with. In some cases the court plea bargains to reduce the fine or make you pay a fine but not make the ticket part of your permanent record. This keeps your insurance company from finding out about the ticket and raising your rates. Some states may have different terminology or the procedures may vary slightly but most states have now reduced the majority of moving violations to civil infractions carrying fines starting from $50.00 and some states still consider some violations as criminal and the fines may vary from state to state.

Don't Add Points To Your Drivers License Because Of A Traffic Ticket!!
You get all the information you need... and much more, ORDER TODAY!

This book is available in a diskette version and a printed book version.
Beat A Speeding Ticket Book Diskette Version: Only $14.95
Beat A Speeding Ticket Printed 38 Page Book: Only $19.95
All Orders Are Shipped out every business day, so you get it fast.

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